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eBusiness Audit

The  eBusiness Audit will enable your business to identify opportunities for improvement through technology. We look at your business needs, how to achieve greater efficiency, improvements in sales, marketing and administration and practical solutions to ongoing problems. The final report constitutes an in depth eBusiness strategy to complete your business plan. The road to eBusiness involves:

1. Getting to know you

Prior to making potentially far reaching recommendations we need an intimate knowledge of your business. The diverse needs of marketing, operations, administration and the board may place conflicting demands on limited resources. Our team will distil these needs into a list of concise provisional options and present this report for feedback.

2. Exploring your markets

Our team will identify best practice uses of technology in your market space and examine ways in which your competitors have employed technologies and the outcomes of their projects - positive and negative. Further, a key element of eBusiness strategy is integrating the customer into your systems and improving their experience of your product - this report will also focus on their needs and define ways in which technology could enhance customer capture and retention.

analysing technologies

3. Analysing technologies

Aggregating the first two reports provides a working brief for our analysts. As well as benchmarking and evaluating existing systems we will identify key products and technologies that can achieve your strategic aims. The depth and complexity of information technology provides more than one way to achieve the same goal - the technology report will present these various options to enable you to make an informed decision on your future strategy.

4. Finalising strategic tactical plans

Following these presentations, meetings and reports we will define a fully investigated pragmatic eBusiness strategy for your organisation's future. In addition to farsighted strategic aims we will provide an in-depth 12 month tactical plan including project timelines, budgets, deliverables and targets which will feed seamlessly into your delivery process or our eBusiness Strategy Management.


This service delivers the experience and knowledge of our eBusiness team long-term. We will assume ongoing duties and responsibilities and deliver results in accordance with predetermined objectives. Absolutely accountable, entirely measurable, fanatically committed and easily expendable - we provide a business-friendly, hassle free alternative or supplement to in-house project teams.

Unrivalled Network Solutions

Gyntronics network team has many years of combined experience in a diverse range of cutting edge technologies. We are able to offer a complete and managed end-to-end solution with a variety of services that cover your needs from planning through to delivery and special projects.

Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, 3Com… these are just some of the companies that recognise our ability to deliver to end users. We have the brainpower to deliver on messaging, task management, network security, disaster recovery, remote working, Internet connectivity, intranet and much much more. As one of London’s largest network solution providers, we

have probably designed, built, installed and snagged a network just like yours before and that means you get what you want first time, on time. Our network solutions include: