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Gyntronics Computrain delivers an IT solution that enables companies to outsource their entire application and network infrastructure leveraging the capabilities and economies of a global, Best Practice, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Gyntronics Computrain service provides businesses with a full service, large scale solution for maintaining an affordable, up-to-date computing environment. This approach to computing eliminates your daily operational and maintenance burden - which results in lower costs, enhanced productivity, greater security, simplified technology upgrades and standardization of the computing environment.

Gyntronics' complete service framework is proactively monitored, remotely managed, and expertly maintained with the latest tools, updates and upgrades. We can manage your computing needs to Service Levels that you define.

GYNTRONICA™ includes:




offering intelligent Solutions to your Business Information Systems & Technology needs.

We aim to provide high technology and integrated information systems services, by working hand in hand with customers to identify and address their needs, whilst providing Integrity in all transactions and the achievement of excellence through the utilisation of innovation in leading edge technology.

A global communication without frontiers with complete solution aimed at helping organizations to use information resources efficiently and effectively.

Affordable Support Solutions

Gyntronics provides a range of affordable and customisable support services that deliver a complete solution for your business. We know that good I.T. systems can fundamentally improve the way companies work – and we respect but relish this responsibility. We expect our customers to increase productivity and eliminate any waste on I.T. and we expect this to be reflected in our customer’s bottom line.

Every IT support package we offer is facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced engineers to ensure a committed and effective trouble shooting process, from problem inception through to successful resolution.

Our IT support division consists of a team of Microsoft qualified engineers with over 15 years experience working with diverse organisations of all sizes. We understand that every business is different; we offer a flexible range of IT support solutions, from One off job, through to a complete outsourced and managed IT service.


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